Men’s Fragrances Outsell Women’s Perfumes

In some countries, men’s fragrances outsell women’s perfumes. To many people, this fact seems remarkable. However, when you consider that more and more men are taking better care of themselves, this is not really that surprising.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of men’s fragrances available and they are now popular across the globe. Until relatively recently the idea of a man wearing a fragrance was alien in many cultures, but that has changed, and most men wear a fragrance at some point in their lives. In fact, the vast majority of them wear one every day. Many men have a range of fragrances in their bathroom cupboard and wear different ones for different occasions. In most cases one for everyday use, and another for going out at night or to special occasions such as weddings and special dates.

In some countries, men have followed the custom or wearing fragranced aftershave several times a week, for generations. In many Southern European countries, men do so every day and have done so for generations. Not every man does it, for example, men who have a manual job do not do so, but many men who work in office environments do so every day. At weekends, and for practically any social occasion most Southern European men habitually wear fragrances.

Types of Men’s Fragrances

Men’s fragrances are sold in more forms than women’s fragrances are. As well as the usual Eau de Cologne and Eau fraiche or Eau de Toilette (EDT)you get aftershave. However, you rarely see men’s fragrances sold as a perfume or eau de parfum.

In addition, you can buy fragrances, deodorants, talc, shower gel, soap, shampoo, and conditioner. You also occasionally see scented shaving creams that carry a particular fragrance.

As a rule, men’s fragrances tend to be less floral than women’s fragrances. They have a more earthy smell, with a little more spice. However, citrus-based scents are also quite often prevalent in men’s fragrances.

Buying Men’s Fragrances

If you already know what a man likes, stick to that fragrance and buy products from that range. However, if you are not sure to try a few samples on your wrist or better still that of a male friend. Doing so gives you a better idea of how each fragrance smells when on. Choose a fragrance that best evokes the personality of the man you are buying for.

Once you find a brand and product that, your man likes to shop around when buying it. There are frequent special offers available on men’s fragrance if you know where to look. The web is the best place to find bargains. However, be careful to buy only from well-established retailers to avoid inadvertently buying counterfeit products.

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