Men’s Scents for Every Season

A man’s scent says a lot about himself. In fact, it is a fashion crime for a man to smell the sweat. At least not when there are so many fragrances to choose from.
At Red Label Outlet, you will find original designer fragrances at very competitive prices. It is a company based in the United Kingdom. It is advisable that men change the scent they wear with the seasons of the year.

The places where you apply the fragrances also matter a lot. You should apply fragrance on your pulse points. For men, this could include; just below your throat, on your wrists and behind the ears. You should be careful not to drown yourself in the cologne lest you end up turning off people. You should also put on cologne after a hot bath. This is because the moment you leave the shower, your pores are open, making them suitable to absorb the fragrance.

Researchers indicate that the sense of smell is a hundred and fifty thousand times more sensitive than vision. The smell can bring back memories, that’s why you need to be smelling well especially if you are about to go visit your special someone. Deep and powerful scents leave a lasting memory on those who cross your path. A fantastic smell will bring positive images to the minds of those who meet you. Not to mention that it instills confidence in the person who wears the cologne. You are sure to find the best variety of men’s fragrances at

During summer, when we put on less clothing is when you should layer on light fragrances that are refreshing and fruity. Plus select those that can last for a while especially on the long sunny days. Maybe a mixture of fruity scents and flowery ones would be ideal. Because of the heat, the scent will tend to evaporate faster than the other season.
In autumn, it is advisable to put on a little more fragrance and layer it with lotion or body cream. This is because during this period your skin is dry and dry skin doesn’t keep fragrances longer hence put in a little more or add some matching hand cream to enable the scent to stay longer.

For spring, you could experiment with flowery or citrus based scents to blend in with the joy of the season.
During winter, applying perfume to your skin will rarely have any effect since your full body is covered in layers of clothes, coats, and scarves. So it is advisable to put on the fragrance on the outer coat or scarf and maybe a little on your gloves. Because of the cold, your scent will stay longer and will not evaporate fast.

Some recommend having two scents; for winter and for summer. Its advisable to make sure whatever scent you are using is the same fragrant for your shower gel and hand and body cream. You add on the quantity of your perfume as the weather becomes colder.