The Best Saturday Night Men's Fragrance

A good men’s fragrance is one of an essential accessory for the contemporary man. Couture is an ever changing melange of colors, trends, fabrics, and styles. But good fragrances never go out of fashion, and that makes them the perfect investment for every man looking to get noticed and attract compliments whether from business partners, co workers or women.

Let me give you some few tips and show you what fragrances to wear if you want to stand out of the crowd on any Saturday:

1. Le Vainqueur by Rance.

Remember what I’ve told you earlier about good fragrances never going out of fashion. Well, Le Vainqueur by Rance is the best example. This unique scent has been created by Francois Rance for no other than Napoleon Bonaparte and is currently manufactured using the same formula that has managed to keep it a legend amongst fragrances for hundreds of years. Despite the fact that it was first produced in 1795, the fragrance seems quite modern and can be described as an abstract melange of intriguing aromas. So make sure you add it to your list if you intend to smell just like royalty.

2. Vetiver by Guerlain.

The original fragrance was launched during 1961 and later reformulated in 2000. The good thing is that the new version smells as good (if not better) than the original. It’s fresh, linear and feels beautiful. It’s not intrusive while also managing to maintain good sillage and longevity. A sophisticated scent that manages to develop amazingly over time, a story of beauty and passion told on your skin. This is a must have for any men’s collection.

3. Dior Homme.

Dior Homme is probably the fragrance of choice for CEOs, business men and people holding key positions in the corporate world – and for a good reason. It’s modern and subtle but at the same time high enough to get noticed. The scent is almost impossible to dislike and manages to smell good from the opening right to the important closing notes. Homme is by far one of the best scents coming from Dior and should be present in every man’s fragrance collection. Smell it once, and you will know what I mean.

4. Terre de Hermes.

Terre is a mid summer night’s dream. It’s a fragrance that manages to touch not only the wearer but those around him as well. Almost impossible to describe in words, Terre is a modern classic that will get you an avalanche of compliments. Sophisticated and bold, it’s Hermes’s most popular fragrance.